Do You Qualify for a First Time Abatement?

Do you wonder if you can get those nasty IRS penalties waived? The answer, if you haven’t had any run ins with the IRS recently is, yes! The IRS offers an administrative waiver for certain penalties called the First Time Abatement. The basic idea behind the waiver is that if taxpayers haven’t had any issues recently, … Continued

When to File an Offer in Compromise

In a recent blog post, I discussed the reasons why many people should not file an Offer in Compromise. I believe it is part of my job and my commitment to my community to dispel myths advertisers spread. Especially the myth that OICs are a cure-all for back tax problems.  You only have to Google … Continued

Maine Innocent Spouse Claims

Subtle Differences Between IRS & MRS Tax Relief Programs Abound As part of my tax controversy practice in Bangor, Maine, I often represent clients before the Maine Revenue Service. Both clients and others in my community are often surprised to hear that it is much more difficult to resolve an issue with the Maine Revenue … Continued

Owe Maine Income Taxes?

People often wonder what happens if they owe the State of Maine back taxes. Usually, the question appears in the context of filing a return showing an amount due. The timeline the Maine Revenue Service generally follows is not well published. People are often more anxious than they need to be. What happens if you owe … Continued

Maine Property Tax Bills Piling Up?

Maine Town Property Tax Liens Property tax liens can be a major hassle for those who find their financial situation has taken an unexpected turn for the worse. Numerous property owners in Maine barely make ends meet as property taxes continue to increase. Life’s Unexpected Turns Eventually, a car breaks down, someone becomes sick, the … Continued

Do Not File an Offer in Compromise

Don’t waste your money on an Offer in Compromise. That’s right. Don’t file an Offer in Compromise! Not generally what you hear from people with experience filing them. Confused?  But the T.V. Ads Say… That’s probably because they are a cash cow for some unscrupulous advisors, attorneys, and accountants. We often advise clients not to file … Continued

Understanding Maine OICs

In a blog post yesterday about innocent spouse relief, I discussed some of the unwritten differences that exist in the State of Maine Revenue Service collections programs. More commonly called, “Tax Relief Programs.” I noted that many of the programs that the Maine Revenue Service displays as available to Maine taxpayers differ from tax relief … Continued

Innocent Spouse Relief: § 6015(b)

The Four Primary Factors for § 6015(b) Innocent Spouse Relief There are different kinds of innocent spouse relief. Each kind has its own unique advantages, disadvantages, and requirements for claiming it. The first kind of innocent spouse relief is § 6015(b), commonly referred to as “traditional innocent spouse relief.” The requirements of § 6015 are … Continued

Streamlined Equitable Relief

A Traditional Innocent Spouse Relief Alternative What happens if I don’t qualify for traditional innocent spouse relief? Even if you asked about traditional innocent spouse relief and someone told you that didn’t qualify, you may have options. Streamlined equitable relief is one of them. Do I qualify for Streamlined Equitable Relief? Thankfully, unlike most tax … Continued

How long do you have to file for relief?

General Rules In general, you must file Form 8857, Request for Innocent Spouse Relief no more than two years after the first time the IRS attempts to collect the tax. Within three years of the filing date of the original return or two years after the tax was paid.  Some of the same rules that extend … Continued

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