When to File an Offer in Compromise

In a recent blog post, I discussed the reasons why many people should not file an Offer in Compromise. I believe it is part of my job and my commitment to my community to dispel myths advertisers spread. Especially the myth that OICs are a cure-all for back tax problems.  You only have to Google … Continued

Hardship Granted with $63K in the Bank

A taxpayer filing for an innocent spouse relief was granted relief despite an initial denial and $63,000 in her retirement account. In Van Arsdalen v. Comm’r, the US Tax court granted the petitioner relief from her joint tax liabilities. Despite retirement assets being sufficient to pay a large percentage of the liability. The IRS initially … Continued

IRS Innocent Spouse § 6015 Appeals

That Letter in the Mail So, you read all about Innocent Spouse and other kinds of §6015 relief here or perhaps somewhere else. After all that reading you slowly let yourself hope that you could put an ugly chapter of your life behind you.  After a while of thinking about it, you file a claim. … Continued

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