IRS Innocent Spouse § 6015 Appeals

That Letter in the Mail So, you read all about Innocent Spouse and other kinds of §6015 relief here or perhaps somewhere else. After all that reading you slowly let yourself hope that you could put an ugly chapter of your life behind you.  After a while of thinking about it, you file a claim. … Continued

How long do you have to file for relief?

General Rules In general, you must file Form 8857, Request for Innocent Spouse Relief no more than two years after the first time the IRS attempts to collect the tax. Within three years of the filing date of the original return or two years after the tax was paid.  Some of the same rules that extend … Continued

Innocent Spouse: An Overview

What’s the difference between Innocent Spouse Relief, Separation of Liability Relief, & Equitable Spouse Relief? If you have been reading about Innocent Spouse Relief, you’ve probably come across the term Equitable Spouse Relief or Separation of Liability Relief and might wonder what exactly that is. We even talked about it a bit in other posts. … Continued

Injured Spouse Relief: An Overview

Injured Spouse Relief is provided for under §6402 of the Internal Revenue Code. If the IRS grants your request for Injured Spouse Relief, they stop taking part of one partner’s withholding to pay the other’s debt. For example, let us assume the following: You married in 2015. You filed a joint tax return in 2015. In … Continued

Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief is provided for under §6015 of the Internal Revenue Code. Innocent Spouse Relief provides for relief from the Joint and Severable liability that arises from filing a Joint tax return. In plain English, Innocent Spouse Relief stops you from owing the IRS. It stops the IRS from trying to collect those tax … Continued

Injured vs. Innocent Spouse Relief?

There is significant confusion about the difference between Injured Spouse and Innocent Spouse Relief. Not just by the public, but also by tax and accounting professionals. I suspect the confusion even among tax professionals stems from the following four facts. Where is the Confusion Coming From? The names are very similar. They are not common … Continued

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